This August, Chimera Recruitment partnered with Diptyque and Appear Here to discuss their mutual understanding of the role of customer service in a world of experiential retail. In Grind, Clerkenwell, some of retails most forward thinking minds gathered in one room, the audience and the panel discussion concluded that values and understanding should be at the forefront of recruitment partnerships.

“The shop-floor is a theatre, with sales assistants playing the part of the brand. That’s why the Chimera Crew fit in to well; they’re trained to understand, react and to care about the brand, the customer and their co-workers.”

These are the key points from the night:

  • Defining your goals, vision and values is key to finding employees that will understand and represent your company correctly to the customer, from the shop-floor
  • Having an agency that you can trust to react extremely quickly to resolve any given situation, and manage process properly was a key point repeated throughout the night
  • Doing your research of the brand and understanding their ‘heart beat’ truly enables us to provide the best bespoke team for them – people really engaged with this. It made them feel comfortable about handing their brand over to us
  • Brands want staff that are passionate about customer experience and loved the fact we hire a lot of actors who can bring their brands story to life
  • A few companies didn’t know that an agency like us existed. They where balled over by the fact that we can help take the staffing headache away 
  • We provide our crew with training and support, meaning that the brand just needs to add a layer of their training on top, giving our crew an authentic feel to the brands customers. No one is treated as temporary, so they care as much as longer term employees

With your vision clearly communicated, your values defined, and your goals outlined, what does the future of customer service look like for your company?