Thank you to all those who attended the Chimera Crew Summer Party. What a night.

Firstly, congratulations to our MVP of the Month, John, and to our MVP of the Year, Angelika. Rewarding people properly is an integral part of our mantra. In order to ensure flexible employees value their role as much as full-time employees, we aim to treat them equally. This includes noting and rewarding execptional work. MVP is awarded to those who continually turn up on time, dressed to impressed, work hard and commit fully to every brand they work with.

Alongside celebrating our amazing team, it was imporant for us to highlight that ‘Temp of the Month’ has been renamed to MVP: Most Valuable Player. At Chimera, no-one is seen as temporary. Whether you are doing one shift, or one-hundred, each person is integral to the representation of the brand they are working with, every member of staff they work alongside, and every customer they communicate with on the shop-floor.

Thanks team, for being part of the Chimera Crew!

All the best

Daniel, Reeda & Ryan