Are you looking to start a career in sales? There are a variety of sales roles you can progress into, especially if you are going for luxury retail jobs. Each of these roles also requires a different set of skills and responsibilities.

When browsing through recruitment agency listings, make sure you are applying for a position you are qualified for, or the very least, passionate and knowledgeable about. This article will run you through the sales positions you can apply for in retail and their corresponding responsibilities.

Entry to Mid-Level Inside Sales Reps

Being an inside sales rep is an entry to mid-level experience role. This job usually entails reaching out to customers through phone calls, emails, and the internet. 

Beginning here is an excellent way to start your career in sales, as this allows you to work with others in the same field through a collaborative environment. 

This job requires excellent written and verbal communication, along with the occasional face-to-face interaction. You will also need good problem-solving skills and adaptability to anticipate specific client needs. Each customer may have a unique problem that requires different technologies to fix.

Outside Sales Reps That Travel

Outside sales representatives are the sales reps who travel from place to place searching for new business opportunities. They work remotely on the field instead of within the confines of the company office.

These professionals usually have to meet clients in-person to perform product demonstrations and have collaborative client meetings. This role requires a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and strong communication skills, as you will be meeting new people regularly. 

Customer Service through the Client Services Associates

The role of a client services associate is to help the company grow and sustain working relationships with its clients. They offer services to customers within days or weeks of establishing the new account. This role requires you to be curious to discover which services your clients need from your team.

Data Gathering and Research through Sales Support Coordinators

A sales support coordinator gathers data the company uses to grow their client base. This role requires you to have an analytical mindset and the ability to break down data into smaller chunks so the company can make more informed decisions.

Instead of directly working with clients, you will have to research and analyse data to improve the company’s lead generation and sales.

Attracting More Leads through Business Development Representatives

Business development representatives are the company’s primary way of attracting more leads. This role brings in business opportunities that the company can work on. 

The role may require you to research and prospect for potential leads. You will need to take a proactive approach when following up on potential customers.

Account Managers

Account managers are in charge of maintaining the company’s relationships with their customers. An account manager makes sure the company stays in long-lasting business relationships with its clients.

This role requires you to work with the client services associates to project future buying potential and nurture client relationships.


There are a wide variety of sales roles available in the retail industry. Each position requires specific skills and responsibilities. Sales jobs are exciting, and the possibilities are endless.

Make sure you do your research to understand the requirements of each position. You should also make sure you are applying for jobs that are within your area of expertise.

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