One of the best things about working with the Chimera Crew is that you learn so much about work and self management. Think if this as your dress rehearsal, if you may, for the big show that is ‘adulting’. Your opportunity to sing your heart out and learn a lot along the way. Any career you enter into, whether you are hustling to end up in the performing arts, cosmetics, perfume or working for yourself, will be empowered by a basic understanding of certain key skills you will learn working with Chimera Recruitment. 

Finance lingo can seem confusing, creating a stigma that in the past has made it feel intimidating to broach the subject. Our aim is to do things differently. To help you understand P60’s, pay and tax rebate, our finance team answer your most frequently asked questions below.

Q. When will I get my P60?

A. Your P60 will be automatically created by Chimera and sent out to you in the mail (in line with GDPR) shortly after the end of this tax year. If there is a chance that you may have an out of date address, then please call us to update

Q. Where can I find all my pay slips for my work with Chimera?

A. In the interest of being green all our pay slips are electronic, contact us for the link. If you do not know your log in information, then please call us in the finance team for further info.

Q. Am I due a tax rebate and how do I get hold of it?

A. All tax calculations and rebates are calculated by HMRC. If you are due one, then HMRC normally refund it back to you via us and this will be shown as a minus figure on your pay slip deductions.

If you do find anything confusing, our team are trained to explain things in a relatable way. Rachel and Alex are always more than happy to take calls from our Crew Members and answer any questions you may have.