Permanent Recruitment Positions

Work For The Best Brands

If you want to get started with a permanent position at one of the best luxury retail brands in the world then we can help you. We connect the top brands with the best talent in retail and sales to ensure that you find a home with a company that will help you reach your full potential.

The Next Step In Your Career

If you are ready to take the next step in your career with a brand that will challenge you and allow you to grow then let us help you move up the ladder. When a brand has a position they need to fill they come to us to ensure they get matched with the most experienced consultants who are the best fit for their team.

Use Our Connections

We already have great relationships with the most sought after brands in the industry. We are trusted to receive vacancy and recruitment briefs that often never make it to the general public so don’t waste your time searching around, allow us to make the connection for you.

We Help You…

Reach The Next Level In Your Career

Connect With The Best Companies In Your Industry

Discover A Happier, More Fulfilling Job

Recruitment Process

Submission & Interviewing

We receive recruitment briefs from many of the top brands in luxury retail that are often not released to the general public and are tasked with submitting candidates for interview. After you have submitted your resume to us we will let you know of any open positions that might be a good fit, and if you wish, submit you for consideration. If there are no open positions at present we will keep your resume on file and notify you as soon as new briefs come in. We keep all submissions in the strictest of confidence so if you are looking to move on from where you are then you can trust us to keep your interest private.

Submit Your Resume

Start Your New Career

Submit Your Resume

Start Your New Career

Submit Your Resume