“Omnia Omnibus Ubique”

“All things for all people, everywhere”

When you think of Harrods, you think of grandeur and finery to such an extent, it almost feels mythological. This is the store where over 100,000 pairs of shoes can be found, as well as some of the worlds most exclusive fashion and jewellery garments. Over the years Harrods has sold alligators, lions, panthers and even an elephant. Starting as a single room selling groceries, Harrods today is a grade 2 listed building, housing 330 different departments, occupying over a million square feet. There is no place like it.

A little over 10 years ago, three young men entered into their retail careers by ‘temping’ in the luxury fragrance and beauty industry to support their acting studies. Their time on the shop-floor enabled each of them to build skills, confidence and understanding. Daniel, Ryan and Reeda met in Harrods. Each found their experience so inspiring that it changed their career paths completely. Having worked their way up through the retail and fragrance industry, working with masters such as Roja Dove along the way, they gained a unique understanding of working as temps and managing temps. From this, Chimera was created.

Today, retail moves to becoming more experiential, more theatrical and increasingly driven by human connection. This is a sentiment that both Harrods and Chimera understand to be at the heart of the shop-floor theatre. For this reason, no ’temp’ should feel temporary, no customer should feel as though the brand representative they are engaging with is temporary. From August 2019 Harrods will be partnering with Chimera to bring highly trained flexible staff to their retail and beauty department. Working fluidly between brands, each employee is expected to understand each brand they work with, leave an impression on every customer they meet and bring new energy to each team they step into.

Harrods has recently launched its outstanding new beauty department, curated of the worlds finest brands. In true Harrods style, each employee should be as engaging as their surroundings. In the wise words of Maya Angelou

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

It is each of the 12,000 lights adorning the outside of Harrods, that shine together to create an outstanding experience. Think you can shine as brightly as one of these lights? Get in touch to start your flexible, fairly paid retail career working with the worlds finest companies.