“I am happy to be working with Chimera Recruitment and grateful for their support – they understand the retail business and meet our company expectations. The consultants are very well presented, have good brand knowledge and reliable.” Julian Dimitrov, Orange Square UK

The Brief: Established as a fashion house in 1760, Creed became widely known for their fragrances in the 1980s. Britishness at its best, Creed can be found in the fragrance halls belonging to Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Liberty London, Fenwicks and many more of the world’s best shopping meccas.
“Today shop assistants need to be experts in their field and have significantly more in-depth knowledge, not only the brands they are selling but also on the industry. Thanks to the internet, customers are well informed and expect significantly more information at the point of sale, especially when buying luxury. Stores and brands compete on the service and theatre they offer and rarely on price, therefore exceptional service is mandatory. I see this progressing even further in the coming years with the “experience” being an even more important factor than ever.” Julian Dimitrov, Orange Square UK
The Challenge: In a time where the consumer journey has seamlessly evolved into omnichannel shopping, a human-to-human connection in a retail environment is integral to customer experience. Not all sales-assistants can be full-time. How can Creed find a reliable flow of part-time representatives who fully understand the brand, the products and the customer?
The Impact: Chimera Recruitment treat every employee on their books as a valued employee to each brand they represent. By training employees in fragrance in-house, Chimera then works alongside Creed to ensure they understand the brand. Employees have the information they need about the products they are there to sell. The Chimera Crew can then focus on creating an authentic connection with each customer they come across. Going beyond this, we work alongside performers, professionals who add theatre to the production that is ’the shop-floor’.  
Shakespeare once said ‘all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances’. We are delighted to work alongside Creed to provide their stage with the very best players.