Every month we award one (sometimes two) members of our team with the title ‘MVP’ meaning Most Valued Player. As a long standing member of the Chimera Crew, Asleen is always on time, dressed sharp and ready to perform in the shop-floor production. Seeing every shift as an opportunity to learn and connect, it is no wonder that Asleen was awarded MVP this January. Let’s find out what we can learn from Asleen.
“It pays to work hard and strive for excellent sales on the shop floor. Counters and brands will recurrently request you back for more work, and if you form strong relationships you may get some free gifts! I loved working with Christina from Diptyque in John Lewis Oxford St over the busy Christmas period, and she was kind enough to give me an Xmas present to say thank you. You meet and interact with new people every day in this line of work, and I’ve made countless friends and connections thanks to Chimera.”
Asleen’s Scent Secrets:
“‘Blanche’ by Byredo is my favourite fragrance for its clean cotton smell with an underlying sweetness. Made from white rose, pink pepper, aldehyde and violet, this fragrance enchants and completes any outfit. It’s a scent that’s sophisticated enough that it can be worn to the office, and yet it’s musk and sandalwood undertones mean it’s also the perfect dinner date perfume.

‘Blanche’ was allegedly created by the perfumer for his wife who only liked light, soft and clean scents. She didn’t like ‘Blanche”, however – although it’s a bestseller amongst Byredo customers!”