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About Us

Forget what you know about temp agencies. Chimera Recruitment creates a better experience for stores, temporary sales staff, and for customers. We work with some of the best department stores and brands in the world to provide exceptional, charismatic agency staff who make a difference to each customer they interact with on the shop-floor.

Our Story

Daniel, Reeda and Ryan started Chimera Recruitment to create a better experience for stores, temporary sales staff, and for customers through high-level training, fair pay, and incentivising hard work. Having met working as temporary sales staff on the shop-floor in Harrods, and worked their way up through the perfume and cosmetics luxury retail industry, the three Chimera co-founders have empathy and experience working and managing employees on the shop-floor.

“Each person selected to represent the unparalleled companies we work with, should create a meaningful connection with each customer. This connection aims to reflect and humanise a brand reputation that has been built up over decades.”

Chimera Crew HQ

Daniel Horner

Recruitment & Training

Reeda Ouzerdine

Client Management

ryan image

Ryan Cerenko


Rachel Manchester

Finance Executive

Helen Ward

London Area Manager
0203 929 0528

Shirin Porter

Manchester Area Manager

Tom Dover

Head of Commercial Operations
0203 929 0526

Alannah Burdon

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Matt Cleary

Business Development Manager
0203 929 0526

Alex Wegrzynek

Finance Manager
0203 929 0527

Ruby Mackenzie

Bookings Manager
0203 929 0525

Sarah Dickson

Project Coordinator
0203 929 0528

Our Values

No One Is Temporary:

Forget what you know about temping. Whether you partner with us for a day or for years, you will be treated as a mem- ber of the crew. We are committed to providing the highest standard training, fair pay, and rewards.

Speak Up:

Communication is one of our most prized values. We have an open door policy with our crew and you will see the Chimera team on the shop-floor. We welcome questions and use your feedback to improve our offering.

“Working with Chimera is different, they will always pick up the phone and speak to you.”

Open Your Mind:

You never can tell which moment may shape the rest of your career. Chimera is not afraid to be exceptional, personable and t breathe new life into the shop-floor.

Own It:

Chimera is renowned for employing charismatic agency staff. Being your authentic self is key to creating a true relationship between a customer and a brand. We provide you with the training, and our combined years of learning experience; it’s your job to be the best version of you.

“We want people who will go onto the shop-floor and leave an impression.”

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