GenZ is set to be the multi-career generation. Savvy and interested in self-education, you are renowned for making hobbies into careers. This is a great way of working, having worked on the shop floor around our acting careers, all three Chimera directors understand this. The one thing you may feel you are missing before embarking on a business adventure? Training and experience in different companies. Every member of the Chimera Crew is trained before hitting the shop floor. Our agency model means that you are guaranteed experience with a selection of brands, and their customers, from the shop floor. The transferable skills you will learn will last you a lifetime.

So, here are 5 sets of feedback live from recruits who have experienced our training and the shop floor, to show you how helpful this job will be for you:

“I can’t recommend these guys enough. They made me feel welcome from day one, from my initial interview to the comprehensive training- I felt like I had all the support I needed. The work suits me really well as I can do it around my full-time degree. Recommended for other students or those who need flexible work!” 

“An amazing agency to work for, they always answer the phone and give you all the training you need to work with the different brands on the shop floor. As an Actor, they always understand when last-minute auditions come in.” 

“This is the best agency I have ever worked for. They care about the temps! I have learnt so much since working with them:) I will definitely recommend them to all of my friends” 

“I have been with Chimera for nearly one year now. I work part-time for them and have never had a negative situation. They give me the shifts I want, if I’m sent to promote a new product they give me the information beforehand to prepare, they send out a monthly newsletter informing us on new promotions and they’re always grateful for good work.”

“I’ve used Chimera many times when looking for short notice agency staff – and they’ve been superb every time. So much so that I’ve sent a number of friends their way who require temporary shift-work. I would not use any other agency company – they are the best on the market.”

Do the Chimera team sound like your kind of crew? Contact us now for new opportunities.